Beyond the Brand


For all of us, life is more than how we make money. 

We all have hobbies and other interests that make us unique. 

Here you can see our lives, in all of their wonderfully, messy details. 

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Marketing Insights

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Enata Remodeling

Home design is a driving force for us. We love every aspect of transformation. Demolition is as much for us as is finding that perfect pendant that will brighten your kitchen island. You will often find us working on some type of remodeling project, most times our own home!
Home Valuation

Enata Artisan

We love art and creativity. Oftentimes we will find ourselves immersed in repairing furniture or building cutting boards. Many of the creations are from old barn wood salvaged from some of our good friends.
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We Totally Get It!

This home buying and selling stuff can be stressful to say the least. Heck-we’ve been there ourselves. Know that we are here to help make the process as smooth as possible and make sure we do all we can to move you closer to your dreams.

Let's do this!