We Can't Wait to Meet You!


We met late in life, call it a second chance if you will. When our partnership in business was later born, we began searching for a name that meant something to us.


The Polynesian word Enata represents a union between human beings and just seemed to hit the mark for us.


We are committed to this union and look forward to the connections we make to other humans in both life and business. Including you.


Let's Grab a Coffee

Meet Cathy

Cathy is co-owner and co-founder of Enata Homes. Her first career began in the world of modeling while still in high school hence, she was greatly influenced by the creative spirits she worked with. Cathy’s love of design and interiors was fueled by these early years and proved to be valuable as she remodeled her personal homes and investment properties. 

As her passion for real estate grew it seemed only natural for Cathy to pursue her real estate license. Cathy grew up in the Milwaukee area and her knowledge of the city and its various neighborhoods has been essential for her clients. There is never an easier person to be around than Cathy and her ability to make you feel like a best friend is immeasurable. 

In her free time, Cathy is perpetually remodeling something, trying to get her adult children to return her texts, staying active and laughing her butt off with Jack along the way.


Meet Jack

Jack is the co-owner and co-founder of Enata Homes. With more than 30 years in marketing, development and consulting, Jack makes sure that all Enata clients get up-and-running with our online tools. Sometimes, like many consultants, he can talk a bit too much. But his passion is infectious and his dedication to the entire home buying and selling experience is unmatched.

Jack grew up on the south side of Chicago and remains a steadfast White Sox fan. He also grew up with a father who spent time remodeling homes. Jack likes to say it's how he learned what NOT to do when it comes to home rehab. Still, all those days building with his dad helped Jack maintain a hobby of working on homes and making all types of goodies in his workshop. 

More than anything, Jack embraces this great life, and when he's not managing operations for Enata, you'll see him working on his podcast with Cathy, woodworking, mountain biking or writing songs with his Gibson J45.

We believe in gratitude.

We believe we always have a second chance.

We believe that mistakes are inevitable and that learning from them is true growth.

We believe in family and cherish the way it ebbs and flows.

We believe in each other.

We believe in home.

We believe in working hard.

We believe in principles.

We believe in art and design.

We believe in functional lifestyles.

We believe in helping people reach their dreams.

We believe in happiness.

We believe in having so much fun you lose your breath.

We believe in leading with kindness.

We believe in resting on a park bench.

We believe in relationships.

We believe in a life filled with love.

We Totally Get It!

This home buying and selling stuff can be stressful to say the least. Heck-we’ve been there ourselves. Know that we are here to help make the process as smooth as possible and make sure we do all we can to move you closer to your dreams.

Let's do this!